Our buddy Shotgun Shaybo, the self-proclaimed "World's Fastest Shotgunner", is back. Only this time, he has stepped his game up from 12 oz to 24 oz. His speed literally defies physics, as he shotguns a 24 oz beer quicker than probably 99% of people can shotgun a 12 oz can. Can anybody take the crown from ol' Shaybo? You tell us.
Remember those "Be Like Mike" Gatorade commercials? Well, I'm not saying that dressing like Shaybo will increase your shotgun speed, but I can guarantee you'll look damn good trying. In fact, we are currently offering 30% off the entire site through Black Friday! This is hands down the biggest sale we will ever offer! Check out this exclusive Statue of Liberty Beer Holder Jersey and some of Shaybo's other favorites below!